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International bestselling author Carolyn Flower offers her first person authoritative perspective of her own positive life experience navigating her cooperative life during and after divorce.  They chose to “retire” their 18 marriage in 2004 and in her forthcoming book, Family Ever After ™ – Collaborate Life AŒfter Divorce: Embrace A New Normal, shares how their core family values remained strong, embracing the challenge of change, and how each step in the process became a teaching opportunity for her children.  The healthy benefits then and now, are undeniable. Her family is proof positive that respectfully surviving divorce is not only possible but that thriving is a worthy goal worth achieving.  There are indeed healthier options available than the traditional route. Using the gifts of gratitude as the foundation and guide to move forward and build a “new normal” with less trauma and conflict, is a viable alternative. Ultimately, her desire is to change the landscape of how divorce is viewed by putting dignity back in divorce and creating a movement to impact widespread change. She hopes to shift the paradigm of divorce one Family Ever After at a time. Divorce is the end of a marriage but it is not the end of a family.

She encourages you to be the storytellers and to ignore the divorce stories of others who want to dictate how yours will be told. Be a trendsetter. Take the opportunity as parents who may live apart, to continue to teach together and take pride in your achievements. Set the example and model the behaviours you want your children to learn from and duplicate. Find out how her family and others, learned to grow their own Family Ever AŒ er by coloring outside the lines of what society dictates as “normal”. Don’t think you can do it?  ink again. What kind of legacy will you leave? Find out how you too can grow
your own, Family Ever AΠer.

“It’s idiotic to assume that because a marriage ends, it’s failed.”- Margaret Mead

Collaborative Divorce ~ a kinder more dignified cooperative “out of court” process, allowing families to take charge of the landscape of their future, resolving disputes respectfully working together with the assistance of a trained professional team for guidance and support.

Join us and learn more about what thousands of families have accomplished; a kinder, gentler and respectful way to “retire” a marriage where the children come first…forever. Be the storytellers.  Don’t let the divorce stories of others dictate how yours will be told. Be a trendsetter. Take the opportunity as parents who may live apart, to continue to teach together and take pride in your achievements. Set the example and model the behaviours you want your children to duplicate. Your family values need not change. Find out how ordinary families learned to grow their own Family Ever After by coloring outside the lines of what society dictates as “normal”.

For those facing this life experience, you may have reached a defining moment when you realize this journey lies in the path of your family’s future. The choice is one that requires great reflection, discussion and planning. It is one of the changing family’s toughest, most complicated and traumatic decisions. There are no two situations that are alike. The mere definition of the word divorce triggers an automatic response of negativity and failure. None of us marry with the intention of one day dividing up our assets and moving apart from one another. That said, of the approximately half of marriages that travel the divorce path, there are some who understand they are in a position to keep the destruction to a minimum and quite literally re-define what society dictates a divorce might look like. This requires a belief in oneself on the path of personal development which for many, is the starting point of the journey as it becomes apparent soon enough, that what’s to come is “A Journey That Begins Within”. You must allow yourself to truly believe, that your goals and dreams may still be realized for your children.

Divorce is the end of a marriage but it is not the end of a family.

As collaborative solutions to conflict are always encouraged and prove beneficial to all, there too is a growing ideology or philosophy in the area of Family Law called the Collaborative Divorce; a well-kept secret I believe has come of age and worth sharing. We had no idea a movement by this name existed when our decisions were made ten years ago, and perhaps at that time, it did not. But the good news, is that is does now. The term itself an oxymoron, this environment attempts to facilitate and support families by encouraging them to engage together to find solutions as a family unit during the very difficult family transition of divorce with the help of a team of committed professionals dedicated to the family’s best interests. Assisting divorced couples become lifetime collaborative co-parents is a passion and commitment shared by many in the Collaborative Divorce profession.

Thankfully, many are turning to this kinder, gentler approach which eliminates litigation and supports the journey of the family. Inspiration is plentiful for those who can, find hope from those who have, divorced without drama and with dignity, for the sake of relationships that matter – the children and their well-being and future. Unorthodox, yes in this world filled with conflict and dysfunction; Family Ever After ™ – Collaborate Life After Divorce: Embrace A New Normal is offers a new world look at how we might strive for excellence and, even if we only change ourselves, become outstanding as a parent and role model our children.  How might you take a sour lemon and mix with the sweetest of ingredients to make lemonade? In moving forward from this life-changing family event, there are plenty of circumstances and reasons to embrace the multitude of colors that when carefully weaved together, make up the mosaic of the “new normal” of your family’s new way of life. There is always (always) something for which to be grateful.  Living apart but working together, for all the right reasons. More than 20 countries now have dedicated professionals whose only objective is to support this very emotional and critical transition towards a well-adjusted and future for everyone concerned.

The world around us offers a plethora of negative and toxic experiences to choose from, but for thousands of families around the world, theirs are stories whose foundation is the very reason they married in the first place. Love. Respect. Kindness. Dignity. Many families are assembling a new unit using success models with solutions that might surprise and amaze. Quite simply, ordinary families are finding ways to live extra-ordinary divorced lives. A New Normal. These inspirational accounts are rather the testimony of the style of life that many families with the right set of circumstances and a willingness to try, with family values and strength of character during one of the most life altering and difficult times in a family’s dynamic, have found and implemented these solutions together.

Yes incredible but true, these are the terms that the Cooperative Divorce families use to guide and nurture their lifestyle.

Family Ever After ™ Collaborate Life After Divorce ~ Embrace A New Normal, offers cooperative life after divorce stories that demonstrate how their core families values remained strong, embracing the challenge of change, modelling healthy relationships as a teaching experience for their children, and re-defines not only the family unit today, but for the future generations to come. Often, not enough time is spent considering how decisions made today affect not only the children now, but the next generation; the grandchildren. The approach has proven to be a solid foundation for success. Also included are insights from interdisciplinary professionals in the field of Collaborative Divorce that encourage and suggest solutions that I hope will give pause for thought: If, in your particular situation before the divorce process began, you could take a moment to step back from the deep emotionally charged environment, and visualize a clearer picture of how your decisions and choices might affect outcomes and results and you could identify a way that might allow your family less trauma and conflict, would you proceed in a different way? Would you and your spouse, even if not in total agreement on the method, consider for a moment another option? My hope is that for many, the answer would be “yes”, if they were more aware of their alternatives and healthier options.

Don’t think you can do it? Think again. What kind of legacy will you leave? You are, after all, a forever Family Ever After. These are YOUR inspirational stories of self-hope. I am honored to share them. What’s LOVE got to do with it you ask? Everything.

-Carolyn Flower

International bestselling author of Gravitate 2 Gratitude – Journal Your Journey