As the Family Ever After© brand evolves and expands, so do the insights and intense growth that propels the Book journey to take on a life of its own. It is proving to be far beyond what I had imagined in so many ways. I always gravitate back to gratitude when I reflect on the 10-year Family Ever After Journey since we retired our marriage in 2004. The stardust of blessings and the number of stitches woven into ‪our colourful and expansive memory quilt are too numerous to count. The writing process calls to mind so many moments that we’ve shared along the way living apart and living extra-ordinary good times, co-parenting together with our families and supportive circle of family and friends. (Thankfully, we’re a shutterbug family and have captured memories galore)

What does New Normal mean for us?

Well, a sampling of my husband and my former husband (the ex-husband-in-law) doing their thing – who ever knows what to expect, (like cutting in and dancing with my groom at our wedding in 2010)!

Carolyn & Ken Wedding  5 (25)
My former husband’s wife (the wife-in-law) and I laugh loud and often, shaking our heads. We’ve a good thing going on here. Everyone benefits. One decision, a decade ago, and a million moments lived since, creating a loving legacy for our children. Who could ask for more.

Here are just a few of the kind words of support we’ve received along the way from those who have witnessed the fruits of growing our own, Family Ever After:

Still remember the exact day and place we were told. Love you and dad for all you guys have done, from the family vacations to both of you still going to my parent teacher interviews together, its all a blast. Love you guys so much xox – (Ms. Flower’s youngest son who has lived the last 10 years as a Family Ever After, now 19).

Could not be happier about the situation with our family nothing really changed in the end. Still had one amazing family, 2 houses just a few blocks away from each other where I could go back and forth to, and over the years, we pretty much did everything together anyways. Our extended blended family on the OBX beaches every year is the BEST!” . Couldn’t be more grateful for the decision you and dad made years ago It was healthy, and the following years were some of the best years of my childhood. Can’t wait to read your book mom, you know I’ll be promoting and referring it to everyone I know. Congrats on the interviews, podcasts and success that has yet to come. Looking forward to the future! Love you mom xox. –  (Ms. Flower’s eldest son who has lived the last 10 years as a Family Ever After, now 23).

It takes a lot of inner strength (read: humble-ness) and acceptance of ones’ true self to move beyond the ego and evolve a relationship into a new normal. Congrats, Carolyn Flower


I am envious of how you both bridged the gap..MUCH BETTER FOR THE CHILDREN…I guess when you start from a common ground…apply fairness….and truth…It is the kids who win…and extended family prospers…but when greed prevails..all is lost…AND THE CHILDREN LOSE…bravo to you both.

I separated and divorced without drama and it proved to be a good decision in the long run. Had we remained together, it would have been painful for all of us. Our daughter was young enough too that she seemingly came out of it all unscathed. We still get together without ill feelings and can actually enjoy each other’s company. You’ve set great examples in your life and you are now reaping the awards! Congratulations on a job well done!

Carolyn, you are both a true inspiration to parents who may not have wanted to be married but chose to be respectful & dignified to each other, your 3 wonderful children and to your friends. I am proud to call you a friend

Un modèle à suivre pour le bénéfice de tous!

Carolyn…thank you do much for sharing your story! I discussed this during a pod cast interview yesterday ~ what words should be used to open the discussion about divorce?! After brainstorming we came up with several, but “retiring our marriage” wasn’t among them….I LIKE IT…suggests PEACE and GRACE! I’m adding that one to my list!

What a wonderful family you have.

WOW, you should have a book tour Carolyn, and teach couples the how-to’s, step by step. You put your ‘family’ first. I am awed.

This is exceptional Carolyn,…not everyone who divorces gets to this place .This is a story of hope for many dealing with such a mainstream event. I applaud your family. I am sure it has taken patience, tolerance, kindness and much effort on everyone’s part. This is a very good model.

This is a reflection of your heart, your values, of you. Beautiful.

One of my favorite photo subjects and favourite people – one very special lady

Incredible. And even more beautiful are the validating and thoughtful sentiments by your children. Bravo, Carolyn.

What a beautiful way to nourish others as a heartfelt expression from your soul!