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Carolyn Flower was married to her husband for 18 years and blessed with three beautiful children.  They made a choice to “retire” their marriage with dignity and respect and honor their on-going family ever after in 2004.  Since then, all of life’s choices involving the co-parenting of their children have been made together with grace and love, while living separate lives in “Mommy’s House” and “Daddy’s House”.   The core values of their family have never changed, understanding how every decision impacts the generations to come.  Both she and her former husband have since re-married and enjoy joy-filled lives.  They are fondly referred to by friends and family as the “Extended Blended Family”.  Flower is currently interviewing families who have similar success stories as part of the research for her book FAMILY EVER AFTER © Collaborate Life After Divorce ~ Embrace A New Normal  which highlights a collection of hopeful and inspirational success stories shared by ordinary families living extra-ordinary cooperative divorced lives as the rule NOT the exception.

A career publicist in Montreal, Canada, and owner of Flower Communications Agency, Ms. Flower specializes in professional communication, promotion, public relations and media visibility and proudly represents business, talent, events, festivals, professional arts venues, theatre companies, and entertainment productions.  Her Associates, “The Chaps” at PDM, provide a first class production team for creative graphic design & print keeping it All Under One Roof.  Together they offer clients a variety of promotional services including strategies and business visibility opportunities, as well as market-focussed print, radio, and web media placement, copywriting, and advertorial.   Her community involvement and relationships with media is an added value for her partnership with clients.   Her business career began as a paralegal intern for two summers while in school and was then hired as a paralegal in Family Law, Intellectual Property, and Estates and continued at two major Montreal law firms.  She took her fine-tuned skills for detail and procedure to the corporate world before opening her own PR & Communications Agency in 1992.  Flower proudly graduated with Honors from the prestigious Montreal private Notre Dame Business College, and continued her education at Concordia University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty.

Her love for the arts spans 35 years as a young theatre rat, a musical theatre performer, then professional theatre publicist and administrator. Her columns Behind the Menu and Flower Bouquets have appeared regularly in The Montrealer since 2005 and her contributing columns in local publications are numerous.  Flower credits encouragement and genuine mentorship from her fourth grade teacher for her love of the written word and for what would become a steady stream of poetry, story-telling, journaling and media contributions.  She has used this literary art as her lifeline in her private and professional life and has published more than 200 newspaper columns since she her first article appeared in The Voice high school newspaper where she was a columnist at 15 years old.

Her experience in the non-profit Arts milieu offers the understanding and appreciation of fundraising events, business partnerships and fostering and nurturing sponsorship relationships. She is a member of the Quebec Drama Federation, was appointed a Lifetime Member of the Lyric Theatre Company of which she is a former Director, Secretary, Vice-President Administration & Promotion and President.

Flower is a very passionate advocate for the Collaborative Divorce philosophy, that encourages families to engage together to find sensible solutions during the very difficult family transition of divorce, calibrating expectations with the help of a team of committed interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to the family unit’s best interests.  She has completed an intensive training course in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Practice for Attorneys, Child Specialists, Divorce Coaches, Financial Consultants and Mediators in Sarasota, Florida, sponsored by the Next Generation Divorce Inc. and given by the Collaborative Law Training Associates, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia.  This training meets or exceeds standards set by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Yes it can be done; their family proudly celebrating 10 years as living proof.  A winning process for all involved, but especially the jewels in the crown:  the children.  Thankfully, they are not alone; there are thousands of others just like them.  Ms. Flower is currently interviewing families from far and wide, who are generously sharing heartwarming and thought-provoking moments in their journey towards a New Normal, their Family Ever After.  For those who can, and/or are willing to try, the results are extra-ordinary and inspirational and well the effort.

Carolyn lives far from the maddening crowd in the countryside with her husband, and collaboratively co-parents her three children and two step-children.  They are a devoted animal rescue family that provides a furever family for two dogs, and four cats.  They ALL enjoy a cooperative lifestyle as an extended blended loving Family Ever After.

For more information about Carolyn Flower, please visit her website at www.carolynflower.com